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ONTAP 9.1 Listed on the Department of Defense (DoD) Information Network (IN) Approved Product List (APL)

Very few storage vendors goes through the rigor and due diligence to get on to the approved product list (APL) for the Department of Defense.  And not every vendor keeps up with the changing landscape of security concerns and maintains their products on that approved product list.

Since 2012, ONTAP has been on the APL.  With the new platforms and great security enhancements in ONTAP 9.1, NetApp has continued its leadership in the security space and certified all of the following platforms: FAS8040, FAS2520, FAS2552, FAS2554, FAS2620 AFF A200, AS2650, FAS8020, FAS8040, AFF8040, FAS8200, AFF A300, FAS8060, FAS8080 EX, AFF8080 EX, FAS9000, AFF 700, AFF A700s.

A direct link to the certification document is available here.

Curiously enough, if you try to go directly to APL site ( Chrome points out that the certificate used to protect the site comes from an invalid certificate authority ...

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